A UPS driver is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a young dog from an icy pond in Bozeman, Montana. Ryan Arens was on his route shortly before Christmas when he drove up to a house and heard a dog that he said was "screaming and crying and going crazy." He drove to the other side of a pond that was there and saw the dog trapped 10 to 15 feet offshore, surrounded by ice. There was an older man in a rowboat trying to chip away the ice to reach the dog, but he wasn't making much headway. Arens striped down to his boxers, got the man out of the boat, then, as he explained, "I slid the boat out onto the ice, using it to distribute my weight. I shimmed out to where the ice was thin." He fell through the ice into the frigid water anyway, and then swam toward the struggling dog, who he said was starting to go under. He grabbed her by the collar and swam for the ice, sliding the dog across the ice to shore and safety. After his heroics were over, Arens went back and finished his route.



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