Name Something From Your Childhood That Someone Younger Wouldn't Understand

A Reddit thread asked: "Without saying how old you are, what's something from your childhood that someone younger wouldn't understand?

For me that would include getting a handout from a teacher (or an exam) printed on a rexograph machine (am I dating myself?). You know, the purple ink and the paper had that great smell of alcohol. Not to be confused with a mimeograph machine. In either case neither is still around. Or calling a radio station for a request and standing by with a blank cassette so I could record it when they played it!!!!

Some of the replies include:

  • Having to memorize your friends numbers and then speak with their mom first before she put them on the phone.
  • Rewinding the movie after watching it...
  • TVs without remote controls! The show had to be bad enough to justify getting off the couch and stand in front of the TV, turning a dial until you found something better!
  • Having no choice, but to go to the Library to do all your research.
  • Dealing with manual car windows.
  • Walking freely without adult supervision to play outside (not always near the house).

What about YOU?

Who remembers being a kid in school and sniffing the fumes off a cold, freshly printed rexograph sheet the teacher just placed on your desk?


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