Shock, surprise, tears as police reunite family with dog missing 8 months!


A South Carolina police officer was able to reunite a dog with her owners after it was missing for nearly eight months. Spartanburg Police Officer Jennifer Watson found Maria eating garbage while driving near a park. Watson took the pup to Animal Control, where she was scanned for a microchip and her family's contact information was able to be found. The story took an even more adorable turn when police posted video of a surprise reunion with the Hannon family.

In the post, Spartanburg Police wrote: We have one super sweet story to share! One of our officers was driving on S Converse St and passed a small dog eating trash from a bag. She turned around and got out to check on the dog who walked right to the officer and rolled over. The officer picked the dog up and took her to Animal Control Officer Jessica who was able to scan her. After a few minutes of searching, they had a phone number to call for a family in Gaffney. They weren’t very hopeful and figured that the owner had moved and they would not be able to locate them. Turns out, Maria (the pup) had been missing since July and they were so happy to hear that she had been found! The family came right away and picked Maria up to surprise the rest of the family! Even Maria was super excited to see her mom and big brother! Can’t wait to see her reunited with the rest of the family!


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