Billy Joel fans will soon be able to get a deeper look into the singer

Fans are set to get a deep look into Billy Joel with the upcoming book, Billy Joel: Tales Of An Innocent Fan, by author Jon Brett. A new Facebook site has been rolled out in anticipation of the book, which promises updates, which will include newly uncovered historical nuggets about the "Piano Man," who turns 70th birthday next May 9th. No release date has been announced.  

The official announcement for the book posted on Facebook reads:

Billy Joel: Tales of An Innocent Fan brings together brings together a unique collection of exclusive interviews and stories from people whose lives have been touched or affected, in one way or another, by singer songwriter, Billy Joel.

Through a series of encounters -- including with Billy himself -- British writer Jon Brett speaks to musicians and fans on both sides of the Atlantic who paint a unique picture of the multi-award winning superstar.

Billy Joel: Tales of An Innocent Fan not only features never before published photographs of Billy, but also includes all new contributions from band members past and present who speak frankly about life on the road with one of the most popular and iconic American performers of all time.

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Billy Joel's legendary '70s and '80s group members now tour as the cover band The Lords Of 52nd Street. Drummer Liberty DeVitto, guitarist Russell Javors, along with late-bassist Doug Stegmeyer, were part of the Long Island band Topper before hooking up with Billy prior to his watershed 1976 Turnstiles album. Saxophonist Richie Cannata left the band following the 1980/1981 Glass Houses tour, with Stegmeyer and Javors being let go by Billy following the 1986/1987 tour behind The Bridge. Doug Stegmeyer committed suicide in 1995.

Liberty DeVitto, who was fired in 2005, recalled to us the night in 1987 during Billy's Australian tour when he found out Billy was splitting from the band: "I went in his dressing room, and he said, 'Whaddya think if I go into the studio, just you and me with whole bunch of new guys?' What am I gonna say (laughs)? -- 'No, I quit'? I had kids to feed. Doug and Russell they found out on MTV. I had called Billy before (it had) come out on MTV and I said, 'It's comin' on MTV -- you gotta say somethin'' -- (Billy said) 'I don't have to do anything.' Russ got over it. The thing that he was probably the most disappointed in was that I continued and he knows that there was magic when we were all there. It was still okay (after) -- but the magic wasn't there anymore, and Russ didn't understand why I would stay if the magic wasn't there."

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