Good news and bad news about bringing back "Mad About You"

Last year we heard there was going to be a reboot of the hit 1990s series "Mad About You."

Then they announced it was not going to happen.

Today we hear it will happen but it's not good news for all the show's fans.

The show will be produced by Sony Pictures Television for Spectrum Originals, a service owned by Charter Communications.

The series “will include original cast, as Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt will reprise their roles as Paul and Jamie Buchman,” Sony and Charter said in a statement, adding: “Peter Tolan [‘Rescue Me’] is tapped to be the showrunner, and Helen Hunt will direct the first episode. Danny Jacobson, who co-created the show with Reiser, will serve as an executive consultant. The series is scheduled to launch in late 2019.”

The bad news? The show will be available only if you have access to the Spectrum cable service. Spectrum currently has about 28 million subscribers in 41 states. Thus millions will be unable to see the show initially.

Charter also would not say if and when the program would be available to other systems.

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