A paralyzed veteran is reunited with his beloved service dog!


A paralyzed veteran and his fiancee have had an emotional reunion with their service dog Scooby two weeks after the Great Dane disappeared from an animal rescue that was supposed to be temporarily looking after the dog. Tim Overgaard and Amber Blanchard weren't able to care for Scooby when Overgaard took a nasty spill from his wheelchair and had to be put in a nursing home that didn’t allow dogs. The family paid for boarding at Little Texas Rescue Ranch in Rossville, but soon grew concerned when the alleged boarding center didn’t return any of their calls or texts requesting updates about Scooby. The family contacted the Atascosa County Animal Control, who amazingly were able to locate Scooby at a stranger's home. A now deleted Craigslist ad seems to indicate that Scooby was sold by someone trying to make some cash.



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