7 months after he saved her daughter she saved his life with her kidney

This is just plain heartwarming: A Minnesota woman who is forever grateful to a stranger who helped save her daughter's life, has been given a unique chance to pay it back ... by saving his life. Becca Bundy's daughter suffered a seizure three years ago and Bill Cox was the first emergency worker to respond. He tended to her and kept her safe until the ambulance arrived.

Becca has always been appreciative for what Bill did. Months later she ran into Bill at a charity event and noticed the T-shirt he was wearing.

The shirt read, "My Name is Bill. I’m in end stage KIDNEY FAILURE and in need of a KIDNEY.” 

He told Becca that he's been on the transplant list for over a year but despite many people getting tested, none were a match. Becca told him that she had the same blood type as him and promised to get tested. Sure enough, she is a perfect match and didn't hesitate to donate her kidney. This past February, the two underwent a successful transplant surgery and are both in good condition and enjoying a close friendship.

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