Kelly Clarkson defends 16 year old Chevel Shepherd's Indy 500 performance

Kelly Clarkson and winner of season 15 of The Voice Chevel Shepherd (under the coaching of Clarkson) — both performed at the 2019 Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. Shpherd sang“God Bless America” while Clarkson belted out the National Anthem. Some people weren’t impressed with teenager Shepherd’s performance, and felt it necessary to take to social media to express their distaste. One comment said “Absolute WORST version of God Bless America I’ve ever heard,” which they tweeted at Clarkson. But she didn't sing it. Her response? "...think about the fact that U signed in online & took the time 2 drag a 16 yr old girl. Really think about it because Ur showing the worst side of U & I have faith that you’re cooler than this,”

Shepherd told reporters: “Not many teenagers, not many 16-year-olds, get the opportunity to stand on The Voice stage and sing on national television for the world and get mentored by Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey and Thomas Rhett. It’s just been awesome, and it’s been life-changing.”

Here is Chevel Shepherd's singing of GOD BLESS AMERICA followed by Kelly's singing of the National Anthem at the Indy 500.



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