Dog owners have always treated their pets like fur babies, feeding them human food, dressing them up in outfits, and taking them along everywhere they go. But that can present a problem when enjoying a fine dining experience, as one New York City dog owner recently demonstrated.

… Writer Anna Silman tweeted a photo that her friend, a chef at an “extremely fancy NYC restaurant,” sent to her. It was an image of an order ticket he received and it is very specific. It reads: “1 BEEF BURGER — MED RARE, NO CHEESE … THIS IS FOR A DOG. NO SALT, NO OIL, NO SEASONING, NO PEPPER. ABSOLUTELY PLAIN, NO TOPPINGS, NO GARNISHES. NO BACON, NO PICKLES, NO ONION, NO BREAD, NO LETTUCE. NO SIDE SALAD. JUST THE PLAIN PATTIE–THIS IS FOR A DOG.” • LINK

… Yep, the words “this is for a dog” show up not once but twice on the order.

… Given that certain foods that are acceptable for humans are poisonous for pups — such as garlic, onions, salt, pepper, and dairy — it’s not the craziest list.

Dog dinner

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