This teenager's teacher is adopting he can get a kidney transplant

Damien is in need of a kidney transplant due to his disease. Now his math teacher is giving a second chance at life. It started when the boy showed up to class sahing he wasn't coming back anymore. He told his teacher he was going back to live in a hospital. Damien said he ended up in foster homes over the course of the years due to his medical needs.

His teacher would often go and hang out with him there and get him caught up with school work.

"When you're living in the hospital, you're not able to be on the transplant list because folks who don't have stable housing are considered high risk for their organ to not work," Lanning explained. "It just became really hard for me to look the other way." So Mr Lanning said it's just a small sacrifice so that Damien can now get a kidney any day. He now has a stable home...and his own with his teacher. Since Damien's diet is so restricted, grocery bills have become quite high.

Lanning has started a GoFundMe for help with expenses. In four months they have surpassed their $30,000 goal having raised more than $65,000!!

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