SPOILER ALERT! Leaked video claims James Holzhauer's winning streak ends


See Emma Boettcher take on professional sports bettor James Holzhauer in Final Jeopardy. This is James' 33rd day on Jeopardy, having won more than $2.4 Million Dollars using a betting system on Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy that's common to a strategy many pro sports bettors use. Will she dethrone the champion? If so, Ken Jennings remains the all-time Jeopardy champ.

The apparently leaked clip first started making the rounds on social media on Sunday, eventually drawing copyright strikes from Sony Pictures, which produces “Jeopardy!”

The video, which is low quality, was clearly recorded off a TV screen; considering the fact that the show hadn't aired when this was posted, I wonder who had access to the tape to make this recording! Hmm............



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