Are you ready for EDCHUP? It's from Ed Sheeran and Heinz. Check this out...

Ketchup’s #1 fan Ed Sheeran and Heinz have made “Edchup” a reality just in time for National Ketchup Day.

Back in April, Ed shouted out to Heinz on Instagram to tell them he had a great idea for a new ad for their ketchup; last month, he announced that a project with the company was “happening.” Now, he and the brand have teamed up to create the “Perfect” product: “Edchup.”

The condiment looks just like a bottle of regular ketchup, except it has the word “Edchup” on the label – and the tomato that’s usually pictured on the label has glasses and red hair.

You can buy your very own bottle of “Edchup” now online, while supplies last, via It costs five bucks per bottle and orders are limited to five bottles.

Ed loves Heinz ketchup so much he even has the logo tattooed on his arm. According to Heinz, since 2014, one-third of Instagram posts with the @Heinz handle have either mentioned or tagged Ed.

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