19 year old home intruder stopped by boy with machete walks out of hospital


On Friday morning an 11-year-old boy was alone in his family’s home in Mebane, North Carolina. A woman knocked on his front door while a man broke in through a window and forced the child into a bedroom closet. The home invasion was an attempted robbery but the boy was not about to let that happen. He reportedly sprung from the closet, grabbed a machete, and fought off the intruder himself. The surprised suspect sustained a head wound but still had the strength to kick the child before picking up a PlayStation and a television he intended to steal. However, because of his profuse bleeding, he had to drop the electronics and make a run for it. The next day, he showed up at the emergency room to receive treatment for his wounds. It was there that police were able to identify him as the suspect. Somehow he was able to walk out of the hospital undetected and is now on the loose


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