So many skipped jury duty in this Georgia County the sheriff took action!


Jury duty isn't optional, and if you don't get a postponement or get out of it altogether with a valid excuse, you have to show up when called. But a lot of people in Laurens County, Georgia, didn't get that message one day last week, when so many people summoned for jury failed to show up that the sheriff had to take action. Nearly three-fourths of the people called for jury duty in the county last Tuesday didn't appear, with only 60 of 200 people summoned showing up. So Sheriff Larry Dean stepped in, having deputies call the people who didn't appear and posting messages on social media saying that if county residents had jury duty they had to show up for it and could be arrested if they didn't. Dean told local station WMAZ that most of the people said they'd forgotten and they were busy. In the end, they were able to get enough people to get to the courthouse for jury duty that day to make up four juries.


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