Chatham County 911 policy changed after elderly man stranded on I-95

Here is the original post from Lisa who stopped to help him:

Statement from County Manager Lee Smith in reference to the gentleman stranded on I-95

I would like to thank the Good Samaritan, Ms. Lisa Quanstrum, who stopped to assist a gentleman on I-95 last Saturday. I would also like to thank her for making Chatham County aware that there was a concern.

Upon review of the incident, we have identified what happened and have put procedures in place, as of today, to minimize this type of incident from occurring. Our 911 operator, follow...ed protocol that indicated that police officers are not dispatched for incidents where a driver has locked their keys in their car. As of today, the new protocol will require police officers to be dispatched to incidents where drivers have locked their keys in the car and there is a safety issue, such as, being stranded on a major thoroughfare or a child or animal is locked in a vehicle.

The Chatham County 911 Communications Center, a standalone civilian operated department in the County, dispatches 911 calls for all police, fire and EMS services in Chatham County. In this case, the 911 Center did not dispatch any agency. Social media posts and comments have questioned the lack of response by the Chatham County Police Department and the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department, however, neither agency would have been notified as the call would have been dispatched to another police agency.

Lisa updated her original Facebook post:

UPDATE: Good morning and thank you to everyone single person who shared Paul’s story. Because of you Chatham County has changed their lock out procedure and something like this should never happen to anyone again. That is huge and I’m very grateful for each and every one of you!

Chief Hadley of Chatham County called me last night and assured me the police officers had no idea we were out there and any one of them would have come to our assistance if they had known. He was remorseful about the entire ordeal and explained he would love the opportunity to speak with Paul. I never expected my post to reach anyone outside of my original following and I just want to thank everyone again for helping to make a huge difference! 6-25-2019

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