Update on Baby India, found in a plastic bag in the woods outside Atlanta


Police in Georgia have released dramatic bodycam footage showing the moment a newborn baby girl was discovered alive in a plastic bag. Local residents called the police on 6 June after hearing cries from a wooded area. Forsyth county sheriff's office has released the footage in the hope of receiving more information about 'Baby India'

More than 1,000 people from around the world have come forward to adopt. reports that people have reached out to Forsyth County authorities eager to provide a home for the newborn who was found crying and covered in blood with the umbilical cord still attached. The baby is currently in the care of the county’s Division of Family and Children Services. By the way...the Georgia Safe Haven law allows a mother to drop their baby (up to 30 days old) at a medical facility with no questions asked....click here for more: https://www.nationalsafehavenalliance.org/maps/

If you haven't seen it, here is the original body cam video where deputies found the baby in the woods. Listen to how the deputy talks to her...



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