Could Twitter put a warning label on some of Donald Trump's tweets?

Twitter announced a new policy that could potentially lead to some of President Trump's tweets getting a warning label. Under the policy, tweets that Twitter deems to involve matters of public interest from people like world leaders and political figures will get a warning label if they violate Twitter rules against things like threatening or abusing others. The tweet will be obscured by the warning explaining the rule violation, but users will be able to tap through the warning to see the tweet. The policy, which would apply to tweets that would be removed if they came from a regular person, will apply to all government officials, candidates and similar public figures with more than 100,000 followers. In addition to the warning, Twitter won't use its algorithms to elevate or promote those tweets. Twitter wouldn't say if any of Trump's tweets, which some critics have charged violate the social network's rules, played a role in creating the new warning policy. Twitter had until now exempted prominent leaders from many of its rules, which bar things like targeted harassment, threatening violence and hate speech, arguing that allowing the tweets help hold them accountable and encourage discussion



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