Mom records a girl licking a tongue depressor...and then putting it back!

The Florida Mother who recorded her young daughter licking a tongue depressor and then returning it to a jar in a dentist’s office was arrested Thursday on a felony tampering charge. Thirty-year-old Cori Ward was busted in connection with a video she posted to her Snapchat. The clip was then copied and posted to Facebook, where it went viral and drew the attention of law enforcement.

… The video opens with a closeup of a sign reading “Please do not touch medical supplies!” Ward then records her 10-year-old child taking a tongue depressor from a jar, licking it, and returning it to the container. The Snapchat post included the caption “Don’t tell me how to live my life.”

… Upon learning of the video, medical center officials said they disposed of medical supplies in the room, which they then sanitized. In a TV interview this week, Ward said, “I had just been waiting a long time. I was just being silly with my kids. I feel like this is not even real and if I could go back and change it, I definitely would.”



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