Cop makes woman sit in a hot car after she did the same to her dog

How many times have I posted stories of people leaving a dog (or worse, a child) inside a hot car, with comments like "that person should be forcecd to sit in that hot far so they know what it's like"?

Now we have a story of a policeman who did just that.

While confronted with the policeman, she told him that she had been away only for ten minutes and left the dog in her car, but the temperature outside was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. So Officer Kreischer said that by that time inside the car the temperature would be 114 degrees.

The cop said the woman appeared carefree about her dog, and at that moment he wrote her a ticket, and meantime asked her to try herself the ’it was not that hot’ in the car. He did this to her just to prove that what she did was wrong and that her dog had to be treated the same as another human.

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