After watching a Marine's dog while he served, a neighbor gave it away


Sgt. Nathan Jumaili left Sasha with a friend. That friend had a crisis, and gave the dog to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. The shelter then gave the dog to someone else -- who remains anonymous. Now Nathan wants his dog back but the shelter won't help him in any way. When the story blew up on Facebook, the shelter wrote that it had reached out to Sasha's adopters and she doing well and is very well loved. They wish to have their privacy respected. "I just want to know she's okay," Jumaili said. That "she's happy. And maybe I could come see her," he said.

Jumaili said he wants Sasha to know he's still here, that he didn't abandon her and that she's still the love of his life.

Ashton Ritter, who runs a Facebook site to help find lost dogs says "If you sell it to somebody else, and the police find it, ultimately your property is going to be returned to you." Ritter has been trying to help Jumaili.



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