Did anyone notice the Presidential Seal behind Trump on Tuesday?


Well this is embarrassing. As Donald Trump spoke in front of a crowd at Turning Point USA’s student summit on Tuesday, nobody took a second glance at the presidential seal projected behind him. They probably should have, considering that it was altered to poke fun at the president. The photoshopped seal contained several details that were meant to troll the president for his friendliness with Russian President Vladimir Putin and expensive golfing habits. The bald eagle in the center had two heads instead of one, and its shield was swapped out for a more rectangular symbol that resembled Russia’s coat of arms. A two-headed eagle is also a symbol of empire and dominance and is featured on the flags of Serbia, Albania, and Montenegro.

… The letters on the banner the eagle holds in its mouth are also altered: Rather than the Latin phrase “E pluribus unum” — “Out of many, one” — it says “45 es un títere,” a Spanish phrase that translates to “45 is a puppet.” The eagle is holding cash in its talons instead of an olive branch. One final difference: Rather than grasping 13 arrows in its other talons, the two-headed eagle in the altered seal carries golf clubs, pointing to the president’s frequent golfing trips.



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