Georgia mom holds "job interviews" for her kids if they want an allowance


If your children are forever asking you to give them cash for this or that, it might be worth trying to teach them the value of money. One Georgia mom recently came up with a brilliant idea to do just that, after her kids pestered her about new phones and going out. Fed up of their demands, Shaketha McGregor decided to teach her youngsters a lesson by creating a ‘hiring event’ where her kids could apply for different job positions around the house to earn their keep.

… In a post on Facebook she explained the whole thing. Shaketha advertised three different roles during the hiring event: a kitchen manager position, lead housekeeper, and laundry supervisor. She revealed where and when interviews for the jobs would be held and even created applications for her children to fill out. The applications asked them to list their experience, whether or not they were willing to work evenings and weekends, their desired salary and when they could start.

… And she set up a ‘credit union’ with a sign that read: “Good credit? Bad credit? Need to build credit? Let Mom start you off with a line of credit to help build your allowance as well as character! Making on time contributions around the house can pay off big time! Don’t wait! Ask mom how today!”


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