Mom Records her Unborn Child Dancing In Her Belly To 'Baby Got Back'


Experts are always saying that parents-to-be should speak to their unborn kids by talking to the expectant mother's pregnant belly. Some people might doubt that the child can actually hear them, but a new video puts those skeptics to shame. It's from a woman named Danielle Sapienza who is currently pregnant with her second child. The clip, which Danielle shared on Instagram, shows a phone next to her baby bump playing the opening to Sir Mix-a-Lot's hit 1992 song "Baby Got Back." Once the iconic hip hop artist raps "I like big butts and I cannot lie," the baby clearly moves gets into it and seemingly dances.

"It's a hysterical song and has always made us laugh — especially my 10 year old," Sapienza said. "The baby is a super active baby and he pushes his bottom against my stomach a lot, so it seemed perfect to play him 'Baby got Back.'"


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