Demi Lovato will star in 3 Will & Grace's final episodes. But why?

Demi Lovato is going to be guest starring on NBC’s Will & Grace.

Demi will reportedly star as Jenny in three episodes in the new season that will premiere in 2020. Jenny is described as “a guarded gal who comes into the life of Will (Eric McCormack) in an unexpected way.”

Demi teased the “secret project” after revealing why she skipped out on the2019 MTV Video Music Awards Monday night.

“Okay, I can’t tell you guys what I’m doing today (you’ll find out super soon tho) but it’s making me SO HAPPY, I’m having SO MUCH FUN and I can’t stop laughing,” she wrote.

After several fans speculated, Lovato replied, “I skipped the VMA’s for a REASON. Well that and I just hate award shows.”

“BTW.. I didn’t ‘shade’ anyone last night,” she added to her Instagram Story on Tuesday. “My REASON for not going is because I’m literally living my dream being on Will & Grace rn so stop reaching.”

Demi posted an Instagram photo from the set of the sitcom Tuesday, featuring her sitting on the Will & Grace couch reading a script. “Will & Grace & Demi,” she captioned it.

People are trying to figure out what role she will play in this, the show's final season. Could she be Will's long lost child? Perhaps a surrogate for a child? I guess we'll have to wait.

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