TV Anchor Issues Tearful Apology After Comparing Her Colleague to Gorilla

One television host slipped up during a morning broadcast on Oklahoma ABC affiliate KOCO-TV. In a feature on gorillas at the local zoo, she made a seemingly funny quip that a gorilla in the video "kinda looks like you" referring to her African-American co-anchor, Jason Hackett.

The comment can be heard in the clip below, where it is followed by Housden’s apology a day later. Be forewarned that the volume is very low during the brief initial clip, but then goes way up for the subsequent apology.

Hackett initially responded to the comment by saying, “He kind of does, actually.” But he admitted during on-air Housden’s apology the next day that he was hurt by the comment.

The co-anchors insist they’re good friends, and Hackett noted that he hopes the incident can be a “teachable moment.”

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