Army veteran amputee adopts three-legged dog rescued from Turkey

My name is Popsey. I am a 4 1/2 year old female English Pointer currently living in Turkey. I was found in February 2016 in a terrible state with horrendous injuries to my left foot and lower leg. I was in so much pain and had been left like this suffering for weeks. A kind lady spotted me and immediately knew she had to help, so she picked me up and took me home. We visited a place called 'the vets' where it was clear that my foot and leg were beyond help and nothing could be done to save them, my foot was completely flat and my leg was rotten. The vets did all they could to help me and had to amputate my complete leg.

When John heard about me, he fell in love and instantly wanted to know more! John could completely understand and sympathise with my situation as he is also an amputee...

John hadn't even met the dog but knew he had to have her.

John says: It was an unexpected encounter but when I heard she had three legs I just knew I had to take her. ‘I feel like she needs protecting after what’s happened. Even though I have only got one leg I will battle for her. I will look after her and protect her and she will be able to save me. ‘I am really low. She will pick me up and force me to get up to feed her and take her on a walk. Then when she is down I will massage her stump.’ John had his accident just three days into his new job after leaving the Army and said he ‘hasn’t had much to smile about’ since having his leg amputated.

He said: ‘The little f**** who neglected her has given me a reason to get up every day.

Here is John's gofundme page with more details about this wonderful relationship.


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