Three more TV series are set for reboots. Do you like these ideas?

NBC’s newly named Peacock streaming service will feature several original series, including a pair of reboots from the vaults: a newly unveiled Saved By the Bell with original castmembers — including Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez — and Punky Brewster, which returns original star Soleil Moon Frye as a grown-up version of her former character. Peacock will launch in April and will include a rebooted Battlestar Galactica.

Also...Hogan’s Heroes is the latest classic TV series getting the reboot treatment, with a sequel series from original series co-creator Al Ruddy in the works. The sitcom would be set in present-day and would center on the descendants of the original characters as they team up for a global treasure hunt. The original Hogan’s Heroes ran for six seasons and 168 episodes on CBS (1965 to 1971). It was about a group of Allied prisoners of war running secret operations out of a German camp during World War II.


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