A Minnesota student’s Facebook post has gone viral after she shared an alarming image of a meal one school attempted to pass off as a suitable lunch. Maryn Holler, a student at Apollo High School in St. Cloud, was left feeling both thankful and “sad” last week after she paid for and received the school lunch. Sitting on a relatively empty tray were a handful of baby carrots, a packet of marinara sauce and an opened hot dog bun with melted cheese.

… Holler wrote on Facebook: “Alright so i paid for this to eat at lunch today. I thank God everyday that my family has the money where i get to go home and eat actual food. there are kids at this school who this is ALL THEY GET TO EAT, and we were given a hotdog bun with cheese. it’s honestly sad to know that we go to school and pay around 3 dollars for something that cost .50 cents to make.” The school district later shared on Facebook that it had goofed: “Tried a new menu item today at lunch and we hear it was not a winner! Going forward, we will gather input from our students on new menu options. Thanks for the feedback!”



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