Man moves into animal shelter to keep a dog company

Queen has been living at the Great Plains SPCA for over a year. She was found living behind a dumpster and suffered a torn ACL but has had surgery as she sits and waits and waits for a home.

That’s why her best buddy moved in with her Wednesday morning and says he has no plans to leave until she finds her forever home.

Scott Poore will be sleeping in the enclosed dog run on a baby sized twin mattress until Queen finds a home.Poore says at this point, it’s an emergency.

“It’s something I see in their eyes because this dog would jump up, get up on the window. Every time I came, she got so excited, but the last couple months she won’t even get out of bed,” Poore said.

“She keeps getting looked over and that’s the thing that’s driving me crazy," Poore said.

While he's well-aware that people want him to take in Queen, he has no plans to adopt her.

"Everybody wants me to but everybody who knows me knows this is what I do," he said. "I've got a dog at home that's very special to me and I bring a different dog home every night from the shelter, so I've got a great system."

"I'm in the business of exporting, not importing," Poore added.

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