Father gets backlash for bungee jumping with his 2 year old daughter


An Instagram video showing a father doing a bungee jump while holding his 2-year-old daughter is the subject of serious flak online. In the footage, Redha Rozlan, a Malaysian reality star, is shown standing on a bridge. He pats his 2-year-old daughter’s back reassuringly as a man yells, “Three… two… one!” Suddenly the pair is pulled backwards off the bridge, and the little girl clasps onto her father’s shoulders instinctively as they drop 196 feet into the gorge below.

… While the girl’s father argues she was wearing a safety harness and correct “gear,” she was shown completing the jump without a helmet. In response, Rozlan explained that his daughter was not coerced into the act and that she enjoyed it so much she wanted to go again.



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