Georgia jogger frees deer from a metal fence for a second time


A Georgia jogger posted an Instagram video featuring her rescuing a deer who was stuck in a fence. Twice. Chloe Dorsey was going for a morning run outside Atlanta when she happened across a female deer frantically flailing between the bars of a fence. Dorsey set up her phone to record the rescue. In the first part of the video she pries the bars open with her bare hands, freeing the small deer. The deer immediately ran headlong into a different fence in the middle of a field, prompting Dorsey to exasperatedly exclaim on camera, “What is wrong with this girl here. You need to learn how to jump, boo!” This rescue proved more challenging with Dorsey grunting and straining to rip open the fence, before leaping over it so she could provide enough leverage to spring the deer free


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