A Canadian kid named Jaxon Miller isn’t like other 2-year-olds. While most kids his age like cars, dolls and Play-Doh, Jaxon loves his mom’s Instant Pot. The kitchen gadget was a gift to Jaxon’s mom and dad from his dad’s parents and it actually sat in a box for a long time. When the day finally came that mom decided to try out the cooking device, Jaxon immediately loved it. The beeping sounds and the shriek noise that the pressure release made was what first excited him. And once he started to play with it more, he would press the buttons and pretend like he was whippin’ something up. So when his birthday came along, Jaxon’s mom knew she had to get a cake that looked like an Instant Pot. She reached out to a local baker who created just what Jaxon would want. Here is his mom's Facebook post about it and picture of the cake:

We celebrated my sons 2nd birthday yesterday.

He has been OBSESSED with the instant pot for many many months. In fact, he used the box to learn to walk😂

He makes a brilliant pressure release sound that he loves, as well as all the beeping and counting down.

2:19 represents turning 2 in 2019

Yes he also received the toy IP from target!

It only made sense to have an instant pot birthday cake for his 2nd birthday.

Thanks to Brandi's Baking for the creation of this cake.

This cake was a huge hit with everyone- including the birthday boy.

And yes it tasted even better too!

My sister posted a photo on her Instagram page and instant pot official commented and shared it to their stories.

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