New Christmas Music Coming for the season

I mentioned this morning that just weeks after his passing, Eddie Money was planning on releasing a new Christmas song (he's never done that before.) I'll keep you posted.

Now we see that another Christmas newbie is coming out with holiday music: Steve Perry.

Only a year after former-Journey frontman Steve Perry returned with his comeback album Traces-- a new album is already in the works. Steve Perry took to Twitter and thanked his fans for the reception they gave him for his first new music in 22 years. Perry posted:"1 yr since Traces my 1st record in 25 yrs was released. TY for receiving it w/ such kindness. More to come incl Xmas music this yr. TY for ur support & acceptance of this new music. TY to my label @fantasyrecords for their constant support. It wouldn’t be possible w/o all of you!"

No further details on when fans can accept the new Christmas music from Perry.

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