Boy helps a blind deer find food every day before school

An Illinois boy was photographed on a regular basis meeting up with a small deer on his way to school each day. It turned out that the deer was blind.

In nature, an animal like this could not survive but due to the efforts of this kid, the deer has now a chance of survival. Blind deer do not live for long, they usually starve or end up being run over by vehicles.

Each day he would look for the deer and find the animal a place to rest and eat, guiding him carefully, from one sidewalk to another.

The news about this wonderful story flew and reached the ears of a local rescue organization, who is now taking care of taking the deer to a place where they can live safely and happily.

The wildlife rehabilitation group took the deer in a horse trailer, it is the only legally empowered entity to treat and shelter this wild animal in the state. The deer now lives in the company of other rescued animals, safe, and well fed.


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