High school coach disarms and hugs a student carrying a gun to school

This event happened this past May but most of the details weren't released until just recently.

A high school student came to school with a shotgun, loaded with just one bullet. And an alert coach (who is also a school security officer) was the one who realized something was wrong.He realized it was a real gun and saw the look in the boy's eyhes.

He not only disarmed the boy but gave him a hug (seen on surveillance video) to let him know he wasn't alone.

The coach indicated the boy was going through a mental health crisis and after being arrested was given 3 years probation.

One student posted this on social media:

"The coach is a hero for sure. But this segment left out the reports that the kid was there to kill himself and his shotgun had one round in it. It was noted he never pointed the gun at anyone but himself. I am guessing that is why he got what people think is a light sentence since they charged him with unlawful possession of firearm in public and unlawful possession of a loaded firearm in public. Most likely because he didn’t appear to want to harm anyone else physically."

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