School bus driver slams on the brakes sending boy into the windshield

A Mesa Arizona bus driver is facing charges of child abuse and endangerment. Police say Jamie Tellez intentionally slammed on the brakes to hurt one of the children.

Police say that driver Jamie Tellez became upset with a boy for throwing trash on the floor of the bus.

Surveillance video footage from inside the bus shows the boy trying to throw a piece of paper into a trash can located in the front of the bus but instead landed on the floor.

Tellez told the boy he "better get [his] a** down there and pick that up right now."

It is unclear what the boy said in response, but Tellez was not happy and threatened him. It just went downhill from there.

Another boy, who was standing near the front seat, went flying into the windshield. His head hit the glass so hard that it caused it to crack.

The driver was charged with child abuse, threatening, reckless driving, and endangerment and placed on unpaid leave-and was "recommended for termination" by Mesa Public Schools.

Here is the raw video from the school bus:

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