Sir Paul's animated video for his animal rights song "Looking for Changes"

You know that Paul McCartney is not only a vegan but like me a huge animal lover.

In 1993 he did a song called "Looking For Changes," an animal rights protest song.

Now Sir Paul has released an animated video of the song which ranks as McCartney's fiercest denouncement of vivisection and animal testing for medical and cosmetic research, was originally released on 1993'sOff The Groundand performed nightly on that year's "New World Tour." McCartney has only played the song once in the ensuing years at a PETA benefit in 2015.

Paul McCartney explained why he decided to become vegetarian back in the early-1970's:"My original thing, which is still at the core of why I'm a vegetarian, was compassion. So, years ago, Linda and I were on a farm and we had sheep and they had lambs. And it's the most beautiful time of the lamb's life. They're, sort of, full of spirit and full of energy and we happened to be eating leg of lamb. I said, "Y'know, should wetryand not do this?' So we did it and never looked back. But it basically was, sort of, out ofcompassionfor these lambs who were just born, were in the first month of their lives, and were shortly to have it ended. 'Didn't seem right."

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