A woman had this painting hanging in her kitchen unaware of true value!

Some people stumble upon rare works of art attending yard sales. In this case, no one knew how rare this painting was and it hung over the hotplate in the kitchen of a French woman.

According to The Guardian, the painting would probably have ended up in the trash if it hadn't been spotted by an auctioneer the owner, who is in her 90s, had asked to evaluate her home's contents because she was moving and wanted to get rid of almost everything.

Good thing! When it was examined it turned out that this was one of just 11 known paintings by Italian master Cimabue.

Acteon Auction House says the 10-inch-high "Christ Mocked" painting is the most expensive medieval painting ever sold at auction.and It was one of eight scenes of Christ the revered pre-Renaissance painter created in 1280. The painting sold to an unnamed French person for $26,600,000!

What a nice surprise for her!

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