He built a pyramid out of 1,030,315 pennies and broke the Guiness Record

An Arizona man who spent three years building a pyramid from 1,030,315 pennies demolished the structure and cashed in the pennies at his credit union. Cory Nielsen, known on YouTube as the Penny Building Fool, finished his penny pyramid in the spring and had the structure examined by a Guinness World Records official to verify it beat the old record of just over 1 million pennies (set in Lithuania).… Nielsen demolished the pyramid after the record was verified and Monday he loaded 6,000 pounds of coins into a pair of cargo vans. The pyramid netted Nielsen $10,303.15.

This is the last video showing the construction of the New World Record Penny Pyramid according to the Guinness Book of World Records. This beats the previous record which used 100 people and was built in Lithuania. I constructed this by myself over the course of 3 years to the day. In real time I spent a total of 1.8 year building it and took approximately 425 days off during the construction. Please share this video as I think it would be amazing to see massive views on this.

It measures 65 stacks across by 65 stacks back by 65 stacks high. Each stack contains 11 pennies. I'm free stacking these - no glue, welding or anything other than simply balancing on top of each other.

My application with the Guinness Book of World Records has been accepted and now I'm preparing my evidence package and should be done by Monday with it. It can take Guinness between 6 to 12 weeks to make it official or I can expedite the process down to 5 business days by paying approximate $800. If anyone wants to donate and help I would appreciate it and in return I'll even send you some pennies from this pyramid as my way of saying thank you.

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