Why Pink says no to the Super Bowl (and what a great show it would be)

Pink’s recent Beautiful Trauma tour grossed just over $397 million, making it biggest tour for a woman in over a decade. In a new cover story with Billboard, Pink credits her long-lasting career to her elaborate and acrobatic stage shows.

“I don’t think I would still have a career if I wasn’t good at touring because I’ve never won at any other angle – I’ve never been the ‘it’ girl. I’ve never been selling perfumes or clothes or dolls,” she tellsBillboard. “I have really made a career out of keeping my head down and beating the pavement.”

Pink is set to receive the Legend of Live and Tour of the Year honors at the 2019 Billboard Live Music Summit and Awards, held on November 5th and 6th in Beverly Hills. She’s the first female solo artist to win the Legend of Live award.

Pink also opened up about the difficulties of being a parent while on a world tour, as well as her plans for the future of her career.

According to the singer, traveling the world for work makes parenting more difficult. “There have been many times when I have been sitting in the corner of arena bathrooms crying and saying to myself, ‘There’s a reason why women don’t do this, there’s a reason why moms don’t do this,’ because it’s f*cking impossible at times,” she said. Pink continued to describe the toll touring has taken on her 8-year-old daughter Willow.

“The last couple of months, Willow was over it. She wants to be home and do BMX and swim team and gymnastics and all the sh*t that an 8-year-old wants to do,” the singer added. “So she was asking to go home, and that’s when I knew: From here on out, it changes.”

Pink said she considering a Las Vegas residency, where she can perform without the hassle of touring. “Think about the show I could do in Vegas,” the singer told the outlet.

One thing you probably won’t see Pink doing is the Super Bowl halftime show. After singing the national anthem at the 2018 game, Pink is fine to leave it at that. “Everybody that does it gets so persecuted,” she says of the halftime performers. Plus, she doesn’t support the NFL’s treatment of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick following his protests of racial inequality in America.

“I’d probably take a knee and get carried out,” Pink says.

The singer – who spoke with Billboard a few days before it was announced that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira had been tapped to perform – suggested that the NFL “should only give it, because of the controversy, to African-American or Latina women for a while.”

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