My podcast "Wheels Up!": the serious and not-so-serious side of air travel

Jay Ratliff is iHeartRadio's airline expert and a former airline executive.

There's no way to tap into all the information rolling around in his head, but each episode of "Wheels Up!" will give me a chance to share what he has to offer:

  1. Why shouldn't I drink coffee or tea on a plane?
  2. How can I find out about the best seat on my flight?
  3. I had a horrible experience with an airline. What's the best way to complain?
  4. Why did a pilot have an iPad in the cockpit with a live feed to what was going on in the bathroom?
  5. How do I find out when an airline puts out an exceptionally low air fare at the last minute?

So much to talk about.

We'll do that in each episode.

You can find the link on Facebook or on the free iHeartRadio App.

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