She walked 12 miles to work every day because she had no working car

Meet Darlene Quinn. If you drive anywhere around Greer, Lyman, or Wellford South Carolina, especially around Wade Hampton Blvd and Highway 14 area, you have probably seen her walking at some point. Let me tell a little of her story. Darlene is 60 years old, and she currently works at FedEx in Spartanburg South Carolina as a package handler. She has worked at FedEx for almost 7 years now on the morning shift, which usually starts around 4:00 am. Unfortunately, 3 months ago, Ms. Darlene's only car broke down. The transmission went out and the radiator broke. For the last 3 months Darlene has been having to walk to and from work in order to support herself. When I say walk to and from work, I'm talking 12 miles just one way.

She never complained. Co workers would occasionally offer her a ride but it's lonely and dark on those country roads that she had to walk to get to work.

Then her coworkers decided to chip in to buy a car for her. Then started a gofundme page and raised over $6000.

On Tuesday, organizers worked with a local dealership to buy Quinn a car, then surprised her with it at work. 

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