Homeowners Association tells family their Xmas decorations are up too early

When is too early to put up Christmas decorations? A San Antonio, Texas, couple found their homeowners association unexpectedly weighing in on the question when it told them to take down their decorations because it was too early. Nick and Claudia Simonis put out a few of their Christmas decorations on November 1st, and then three days later they got a letter from their homeowners associations, Diamond Association Management & Consulting, demanding that they take them down until closer to Christmas. The couple didn't actually see the letter until this week, but were, in Nick Simonis' words, "shocked and angered" when they did. Simonis told CNN they didn't know of any rule where they live that says when Christmas decorations can go up, and that they love the holidays. He also said that since his wife is eight months pregnant, they wanted to get the decorations set up early so they wouldn't have to worry about it. Claudia Simonis told CNN that they've gotten a lot of support from their neighbors, who backed them by putting up their Christmas decorations too. Simonis said that despite the letter, they are going to continue to put up their holiday decorations, with the lights going up this weekend

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