Watch! Bluffton Officer Pulls Woman from Sinking SUV

Officer Pulls Woman from Sinking SUV

Bluffton Police Officer Andrew Maisano, Staff Sergeant Jonathan Collier, Bluffton Township Firefighters and Beaufort County EMS all went to extraordinary measures to save a life last night.

Officer Maisano and Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Staff Sergeant Jonathan Collier responded to a call involving a SUV that crashed into a pond off Oliver Court in Bluffton. Once on the scene, the driver of the SUV was able to escape the sinking vehicle, but the passenger was still inside. That’s when Officer Maisano and Staff Sergeant Collier entered the water to save a life. When Officer Maisano arrived he immediately took off his vest, swam to the vehicle and was able to open the trunk of the SUV, crawl inside and pull the passenger to safety.

Once on land, Officer Maisano and Staff Sergeant Collier assisted the passenger to ensure she was ok. EMS arrived and transported the woman and the driver to the hospital as a safety precaution.

“This is an example of what our officers and deputies do for this community. They think of others first and jump into action when necessary,” said Bluffton Police Chief Chris Chapmond.

The driver told police he was distracted by a truck next to him, when suddenly, he was headed straight for the pond. He hit the brakes, but then crashed in the pond.

Officer Maisano and Staff Sergeant Collier were also checked out by EMS and are doing fine today.

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