Ford Creates A Noise-Cancelling Kennel Protecting dogs from loud fireworks

I hear it all the time: pet owners worried that when fireworks during July 4th or New Year's Eve start to go off, their pets will shake, cower, and hide.

Ford this week introduced a prototype noise-cancelling kennel. Using the same technology found in cars and headphones, the doghouse can protect sensitive canine ears during loud pyrotechnic displays.

While the kennel is a prototype, the company is touting it as a way to change how pets live with the loud sounds around them. In this case, it is fireworks -- something we'll see a lot of here at the end of the year. The company tapped "The Dogfather" Graeme Hall, a well-known dog trainer who has helped 5,000 dogs and owners with behavior problems to help explain the need for this tech:

“Many animals find fireworks scary – and compared to people, dogs can hear things that are four times further away, and across a much wider range of frequencies. Preparing in advance of firework displays is the key – and part of that is to identify a place where your pets feel safe and happy.”

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