What happened when this Military Dog Is Torn Away From Her Beloved Sergeant

Many military men and women get paired up with military dogs when serving in war zones, as dogs have proven to be of significant help to the troops. From war dogs trained in combat to use as scouts, sentries and trackers, the roles canines play in modern military are varied and extremely important.

It's not uncommon for a human soldier to develop strong friendship relationships with their canine counterparts. And this only makes that moment in which the two have to say their goodbyes that much harder. The sergeant in the video below knows exactly how it feels.

This Army sergeant had to retire from service due to a back injury, and that meant saying goodbye to his loyal friend and companion, Cila, a beautiful chocolate Labrador he had served with for years.

After he returned back to the States, the man thought he will never get to hang out with Cila or even see her ever again. After about a year apart, something amazing happened. Take a look!

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