Your Savannah traffic concerns can now be submitted online

The Savannah Police Department now has an online option for submitting traffic concerns.

Citizens who would like to submit a traffic concern can visit The “Traffic Concern Report” link is located under the “Reports” section on the main page of the website. Those who wish to report a concern will be instructed to leave their name, email address, type of concern and a message detailing the issue. Reports will be reviewed by members of the Traffic Unit. Email addresses must be provided so that officers will be able to reach the citizen for any follow-up questions.

Types of traffic concerns that can be reported include reports of speeding through particular areas, right of way concerns, aggressive driving or any other traffic-related violation that the public sees as a public safety concern.

 “We often hear concerns about traffic issues in Savannah when we’re at community meetings or through our social media channels,” said Maj. Robert Gavin. “We check on every one of those concerns and address them as necessary. We decided that we wanted to provide an easier avenue for citizens to report these issues to police. In the digital age, we understand that sometimes the easiest way to do this is through a website. We hope this will allow even more citizens the opportunity to report issues they are seeing in the areas they are the most familiar with.”

The online form should not be a substitute for reporting unsafe driving or drivers who may be operating a vehicle while under the influence. Anyone who witnesses a driver who is actively endangering the public should immediately call 911 and report the vehicle description, tag number and location so that officers can be dispatched to the area to locate the driver and possibly prevent a crash.

Concerns can also still be submitted by calling the SPD Traffic Unit at (912) 525-2421.


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