Woman claims she was assaulted on plane for reclining her seat

Mature woman traveling by airplane with mobile phone

This story really has me fired up.

Wendi Williams was flying American Eagle from New Orleans back home to Charlotte from a teacher's convention. She reclined her seat and the man behind her asked if she would put her seat up so he could eat which she says she did. When he was done she reclined again.

It was then that the man started punching the back of her seat, repeatedly, for several minutes. Rather than make a scene or, like I would do, stand up and ask him in a loud voice to stop harrassing her, she recorded the situation on video.

When she asked for help from a flight attendant, the woman sympathized not with her but with the man behind her, sayhing "it was tight back there," and gave him a free cocktail, but did nothing to resolve the situation with him hitting her seat back.

In fact, Wendi says she was "scolded" for taking the video and received a passenger disturbance notice.

She also claims to have suffered some headaches and health issues.

She did contact the airline and while they apologized, they refused to accept any responsibility for not defusing the situation. Below you'll see her tweet.

Wendi needs to notify the Department of Transportation via their website (dot.gov) to complain.

Interestingly, many on social media took the man's side and did not sympathize with her!

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