This dog fails his service dog test but becomes an internet star! Hilarious

Baby German Shepherd

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures with an extraordinary selfless nature. That’s why they are helping people with medical and developmental issues, all over the planet.

But not all dog breeds meet this high demands. Only highly intelligent dogs as German Shepherds or Labradors are able to do this job. And that, after numerous hours of hard training. Therefore, you can imagine what difficult challenges these pups need to complete.

Most of us would expect a German Shepherd to be a serious, obedient and easily trainable dog given their nature, perfect for becoming a service dog. But this pup proves sometimes that isn't the case!

When Ryker first showed up at the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, everyone thought training him would be a piece of cake. Especially the trainers here don’t follow a training formula thinking that every doggy is different. On the other hand, according to their philosophy, every dog can be trained. Well, it turned out they can be wrong sometimes, too, since Ryker was really struggling to do some basic tricks. So, the staff decided to take a different approach. But, one by one, these tasks proved this adorable German Shepherd isn’t meant to be a service dog. Even so, he managed to melt hearts all over with his hilarious fails.

After all, Ryker is such happy, spirited and friendly doggy and he’ll definitely bring years of joy, laughter, and happy memories to whomever he ends up with. And even if he won’t be a service dog, he would a great companion. Watch and enjoy.

Photo: Getty Images

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