Does anyone else find this Whitney Houston Hologram weird and disturbing?

2009 American Music Awards - Show

Whitney Houston's hologram has made it's debut in the UK and fans are creeped out! Yesterday morning (February 19th), the hologram made its debut onThis Morning, showing fans what to expect on an upcoming UK tour.

One of the hosts of This Morning said that it felt like the late singer was "in the room" with them, but the viewers were singing another tune. 

Whitney's sister-in-law Pat -- one of the people behind the hologram tour, claimed that such “intimate” performances were actually Whitney’s idea. She explained, On her 2010 tour in Europe she had a segment in the show where she just used four band members and would come to the front of the stage and perform and she loved it. After her passing I wanted that dream to be realized. When that didn’t work out we decided we’d start with the hologramming. It really started with her.”

“An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour” kicks off in Sheffield in the UK on February 25th, before traveling through Europe and North America.

Photo: Getty images

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